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Mobile Wireline TV Multi 02 Paytv 690X62Comverse Solutions for PayTV Service Providers

People all over the world still love to watch TV. The number of households that subscribe to PayTV (cable, satellite and IPTV) services continues to grow and is forecast to pass the one-billion mark by 2017.

No longer are consumers limited to a single cable or satellite TV provider. Consumers today have myriad choices, including over-the-top (OTT) service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and YouTube, who are diminishing the stronghold of the cable industry by luring viewers to non-PayTV alternatives.

Additionally, consumer expectations have evolved, in part because of the “always on” Internet experience.

PayTV service providers that wish to retain their customers and persuade them to be advocates are well aware of increasing demands – but meeting those demands is a challenge. Customers crave choices in the way they receive TV services in their homes, and on multiple devices beyond the traditional television set. They want to watch what they want when they want.

Comverse helps PayTV and multi-play service providers offer customers more choices and the ability to differentiate to achieve greater success. For example:

  • Co-opetition with OTTs: Rather than thinking of OTT providers as competitors, PayTV operators are starting to discover ways they can work together 
  • Breaking Up the Bundle: Giving customers the option to choose exactly the channels they want a la carte 
  • Expanding Horizons: Maintaining a superior customer experience across all services (video, voice, data), regardless of what device is used


Comverse: Smart BSS Monetization and a Superior Customer Experience

Today, perhaps more than ever, business support systems (BSS) can contribute to the success of PayTV operators. Combining the charging and billing aspects of BSS with the overall customer relationship helps to differentiate the customer experience boost loyalty.

Comverse pioneered a true single-system approach to BSS convergence with Comverse ONE® to ensure that service providers can efficiently and smartly monetize any service, content and business model. Acting as a business enablement engine, Comverse ONE helps energize the customer experience and elevate competitiveness – a unique, innovative architecture-backed by deep BSS and network expertise -unifies sales, marketing, customer management, charging, billing and policy to automate processes and speed time to market.

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Enhanced with smart analytics, PayTV service providers can transform customer data into actionable marketing-oriented intelligence. They can automate campaigns and real-time promotions across any channel (including social media via Comverse Share), and these can be triggered by any number of subscriber- or network-related events. PayTV service providers can leverage this to enhance their marketing practices and offer targeted marketing to advertisers, OTT and retailer partners.

Comverse offers PayTV service providers a solution that unifies critical business functions from BSS to CRM to policy. The solution provides a vital promotional and marketing tool, leveraging real-time insight coupled with invaluable network and social information to generate new revenues and provide personalization and a superior customer experience giving pay TV operators a platform to help them thrive well into the future.