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Comverse ONE Converged Billing & Active Customer Management


The Comverse ONE® Converged Billing & Active Customer Management Solution bridges IT and network to increase operational efficiency while benefiting from a single product that supports any combination of service, content, network, payment type or business model: enterprise (dual business/personal personas), consumer, cloud computing, machine-to-machine (M2M) and smart grids.

The Comverse ONE Converged BSS solution aligns and unifies real-time rating, charging and promotion capabilities, cyclical billing and financials functionality and Active Customer Management capabilities around a single data model, service-agnostic product catalog, single security and maintenance approach and open framework – (single SOA-based API set).

SOA-based APIs expose external integrations and 3rd party solutions to the solution’s single data model and product catalog, while allowing tight integration with new network connections to minimize time-to-market (TTM) and maximize ROI. Moreover, the Comverse ONE solution can import billing events to and from other systems and perform network activity analysis – key considerations for M2M models.

Active Customer Management provides converged CRM functionality that spans sales and marketing, service fulfillment and customer service (including self-service). It inherits and continues the real-time nature of Comverse ONE, providing ALL users across ALL interaction channels – including Call Center, POS, Self-Service and even social media sites via Comverse Share – with an up-to-date holistic view of each customer.

This comprehensive view of the customer includes when, where and how the customer makes use of the products they buy from the service provider. This allows for consistent and targeted support and selling through a full understanding of both the customer’s historic and current behavior.

The Comverse ONE Converged BSS solution can also be deployed with PCRF-compliant policy management and policy enforcement capabilities (QoS Control, Access Control, Video Optimization, DPI), and a marketing-oriented, award-winning graphical user interface for policy definition – Policy Studio.

Pre-integrated with Comverse ONE, the policy capability is also provided as a separately licensed product – Comverse Data Management and Monetization – so it can work with other BSS systems.

A business enablement solution, Comverse ONE helps CSPs overcome the monetization and service enablement challenges of today's digital world.


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